A common challenge for home owners during renovation, or moving into a new place is waste disposal, and decluttering the whole place. Every instance has its own peculiarity, but the underlying need is getting professional and responsible help to ease the burden in a timely and cost effective way. Got junk? We will move it! Here are the services we offer to home owners.

  • Haul Away Decks: You are set to renovate the house, and you know the deck doesn’t fit into your new plan, or it has just lost its aesthetic importance, and frankly they’ve got to move. Don’t worry, we have got it. We can haul away any type of deck – platform decks, raised decks, two-story decks, multi-level decks, freestanding decks, using our expertise and experience. Saving you from the hassles and risks involved; also hauling it away with little trace they ever existed.


  • Cleanout garages: You’ve watched everyday as you come back home realizing what a mess your garage is. You shake your head, but you know you haven’t got any time to spare. Is that you? We’ve got you? You’ve got junk and we’ll move it. We will clean out your garages and leave it arranged, uncluttered, with more space to maneuver. You’ve just got to consider us, because at Junk Removal 911, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Empty your sheds: You’ve considered cleaning out your shed in the past, but every time you think about it, the size puts you off. Sheds can be daunting for home owners and businesses due to their large sizes. However, at Junk Removal 911, we embrace the challenge whole heartedly because frankly you’ve got junk, and we can and would move it. Just give us a call regards emptying your sheds and we’ll sweep in and save the day.