Venezuela collapses and nobody cares

Scott Gilmore on why Canada should do more for Venezuela Security forces clash with people trying to reach Miraflores presidential palace to protest against the severe food and medicine shortages, in Caracas on June 2, 2016.Venezuelans face long lines at supermarkets tightly guarded by nervous soldiers, bare shelves and soaring prices inside, a dysfunctional [...]

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The gruesome and mysterious case of exploding teeth

Following months of agonising toothache, 19th Century patients sometimes found their teeth shattering in their mouths – with a force that nearly knocked one woman over. Young woman with mouth open, eyes closed, close-up In the 19th Century, a Pennsylvania dentist called WH Atkinson came across a condition that sounds like the stuff [...]

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QUIZ: Can You Pass an 8th Grade Test from 1912?

This is a real test taken by 13-year-olds back in 1812, when kids had to memorize vast swaths of information about history, science, grammar and geography. The original test wasn't multiple choice, and many of the questions would flummox most people today. Fewer than 1% of adults get every answer in the quiz correct! See [...]

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Amityville Home for Sale Again

Murder Mansion The house at 108 Ocean Ave Amityville, New York, is once again for sale. Yes, that house. We reported on its listing in 2010. While the asking price is lower this time around, it is still above the average selling price for similar homes in that area. There are drawbacks to having a [...]

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The gravatar

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Peel residents warned about garbage cart scam

Peel residents are being warned about a garbage cart scam. Peel residents are being warned about a garbage cart scam. The Region of Peel is advising residents some homes have received a flyer instructing them to purchase a transponder tag for their curbside waste collection carts as part of the “Ontario Bin Transponder [...]

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A sign in Mississauga

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City to Improve Consumer Protection and Safety for Vehicle Towing and Storage

This week, Council approved additional regulations and procedures including a vehicle towing and storage online software application and creation of a subcommittee to improve consumer protection and safety for vehicle towing and storage. The subcommittee is to review options to help eliminate chasing.  The subcommittee will be formed of Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ron Starr Councillor [...]

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Kids Allegedly Suffered Horrible Reactions After Sitting On Their School Toilet

An school district in Canada is investigating after at least two of its students suffered skin reactions from sitting on toilets at two of its schools, according to multiple reports. The Waterloo Region District School Board in Ontario informed parents last week of the incidents, which happened around the same time, CBC reported. “We want [...]

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Bathroom clean

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