Truck driver Richard McLean is being recognized by the company that employs him, Westcan Bulk Transport, for “his act of heroism” in helping save an unresponsive baby girl on Highway 401 in Mississauga.
Being a truck driver, Richard McLean is accustomed to the regular disorder on Highway 401 in the form of traffic build-up and road closures.

However, McLean experienced a different type of chaos on March 18 when he overheard on his communications radio that there was a car with an unresponsive baby inside on Highway 401 near Mavis Road.

The trucker with Alberta-based Westcan Bulk Transport sprung into action, according to company officials, as OPP officers and paramedics had yet to arrive on scene. When he spotted the vehicle, he stopped to provide help, according to the company, performing CPR on the baby until she started breathing again. Police and paramedics arrived on scene and took over the emergency response.

Police say McLean’s efforts were integral to the health and well-being of the young child.