We’ve all made an online purchase or two that we regret. Those fuzzy, light-up slippers? Could have lived without them. A phone case with Nicolas Cage’s face on it? Also, quite unnecessary.

One man recently set the bar for shameful online buys, however, when he purchased a yak in the middle of the night whilst high on sleeping pills.

To back it up, a proof of purchase was uploaded by a friend of the unlucky recipient, and has since gained over a million views on Reddit.
As the receipt shows, the transaction for a Golden Tibetan Yak Cow occurred at 1:57 a.m. for the low, low price of $3075.99.

While the uploader doesn’t provide any reasoning as to why his friend was browsing the ‘YAKS N THINGS’ website in the middle of the night, he does manage to give an update on what happened once he realized the gravity of his mistake.http://www.aol.ca/?r=www.aol.com