KELOWNA–A Kelowna man who received a lot of attention last summer for growing a three-and-a-half foot cucumber has found a way to preserve his 15 minutes of fame.

Daniel Tomlin was interviewed by news organizations worldwide about his big cuke, which he named Big Larry.

“It was funny,” says Tomlin. “Even in Australia, people recognized me and said ‘Aren’t you the Canuck with the big cucumber?”
Tomlin felt Big Larry was too special to eat, or let go to waste.

“Big Larry turned into a pickle,” he says.

Tomlin got a custom made pickle jar to fit his long fruit, and put Big Larry into the brine.

Now Big Larry is a mascot of sorts for Tomlin’s fermentation business, as he displays it proudly at markets and conventions.

He says pickling Big Larry isn’t his only plan to perpetuate the cucumber’s legend.

He also managed to salvage some of its seeds.

“Actually last night I planted a little Big Larry right in the exact same spot,” he says.

Tomlin hopes the famous cucumber just might spawn another garden miracle.