Weird news from a strange world

/Weird news from a strange world

Are tiny houses illegal in Canada?

[schema type="person" name="Ashley Baptiste" orgname=" Serenity Acres Tiny Homes" jobtitle="Production Manager at Serenity Acres Tiny Homes" worksfor="" description="Ashley Baptiste lives in the countryside of Calgary with his wife and two boys. He works 80 hours a week in order to, maybe one day, make his tiny home community come true. Meanwhile, his hard work and [...]

Blue whale rescue

Blue whale rescue update: San Diego looks for 80-foot entangled whale According to a June 28 Dana Point Times report, the blue whale was first spotted about four miles off the Dana Point coast around 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Captain Tom Southern, a boat captain for Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari, reported [...]

Canada’s moral compass

CANADIANS’ MORAL COMPASS SET DIFFERENTLY FROM THAT OF OUR NEIGHBOURS TO THE SOUTH   Recently, the Gallup organization in the US updated a series of questions they have asked over the years about what behaviours or choices Americans consider to be moral or immoral. We decided to mirror the questions in our most recent survey [...]

The Bahamas’ new U.S. advisory: Use ‘extreme caution’ of cop’s

Over 90 percent of residents in the Bahamas are black, and Monday is a national holiday, when some travel north from the archipelago to vacation in the United States. But following deadly police shootings this week of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota — and an ambush of white officers in Texas — the island [...]

Check out this Kelowna man’s giant pickle

KELOWNA–A Kelowna man who received a lot of attention last summer for growing a three-and-a-half foot cucumber has found a way to preserve his 15 minutes of fame. Daniel Tomlin was interviewed by news organizations worldwide about his big cuke, which he named Big Larry. “It was funny,” says Tomlin. “Even in Australia, people recognized [...]

Elephant is on top of things

When Her Caretaker Collapses Face Down On The Ground, She Rushes Forward. Her Reaction Is Stunning Elephants are incredibly smart creatures. They can solve puzzles using tools and even can understand human language! One amazing capability of the elephant is showing empathy. They mourn their dead and they provide distressed animals, and even humans, with [...]

Smith’s gone, but All Else the Same in Independence Day Sequel

The aliens of 20 years ago are back in Independence Day: Resurgence. And so are Crosswalk's Shawn & Steve to let you know how it all shakes out. Resurgence is not quite as pointless as most sequels, but no Will Smith - and no desire to make a meaningful statement like good sci-fi can do [...]

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Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism in Stairway case

Led Zeppelin did not plagiarise the opening chords of the rock epic Stairway to Heaven from the US band Spirit, a Los Angeles jury has found. It said the riff Led Zeppelin was accused of taking from Spirit's 1967 song Taurus "was not intrinsically similar" to Stairway's opening. But it said Led Zeppelin singer Robert [...]

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The gruesome and mysterious case of exploding teeth

Following months of agonising toothache, 19th Century patients sometimes found their teeth shattering in their mouths – with a force that nearly knocked one woman over. Young woman with mouth open, eyes closed, close-up In the 19th Century, a Pennsylvania dentist called WH Atkinson came across a condition that sounds like the stuff [...]

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QUIZ: Can You Pass an 8th Grade Test from 1912?

This is a real test taken by 13-year-olds back in 1812, when kids had to memorize vast swaths of information about history, science, grammar and geography. The original test wasn't multiple choice, and many of the questions would flummox most people today. Fewer than 1% of adults get every answer in the quiz correct! See [...]

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