Oakville unaware of on fire until firefighters arrived at their door

he Oakville Fire Department says residents of a townhouse on Ellen Davidson Drive were unaware a fire was burning on their balcony until firefighters arrived at their door Friday. Deputy Fire Chief Andy Glynn said firefighters were called to the residence at around 6 p.m., after a passerby noticed smoke coming from the rear balcony [...]

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Amityville Home for Sale Again

Murder Mansion The house at 108 Ocean Ave Amityville, New York, is once again for sale. Yes, that house. We reported on its listing in 2010. While the asking price is lower this time around, it is still above the average selling price for similar homes in that area. There are drawbacks to having a [...]

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Water

There are many fears we face in this word: The dark, spiders, heights, and even water. It can take a ton of different steps to overcome these fears and get to a place where the specific phobia no longer controls our emotions, especially when it comes to a fear of water. In this article, we [...]

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The gravatar


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Mississauga Sunset

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Powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits India and Myanmar

A powerful earthquake, measuring 6.9 magnitude, struck the border of India and Myanmar on Wednesday at 7:25 p.m. local time. Tremors were reportedly felt across the region in Kolkata and as far as Delhi. The United States Geological Survey reported the magnitude of the earthquake in a tweet and identified it was 74 kilometers (45 [...]

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Crews are working to repair the outdoor basketball courts at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School in Huntington Park after the ground apparently buckled. LAUSD confirmed Tuesday repairs workers are repairing a “man-made water collection basin” at the high school. It is "not a sinkhole," district officials say. http://ktla.com/2016/04/12/basketball-courts-appear-to-buckle-at-high-school-in-huntington-park/

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Yes, These Rectangular Gears Work


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What we do

A common challenge for home owners during renovation, or moving into a new place is waste disposal, and decluttering the whole place. Every instance has its own peculiarity, but the underlying need is getting professional and responsible help to ease the burden in a timely and cost effective way. Got junk? We will move it! [...]

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